Tool manufacturing

If you are manufacturing large quantities and it is no longer economical to produce parts by hand or have them lasered, we will produce the right tools for your machine-based production. We can also grind, service, and repair your tools.

Stanzwerkzeug Klammer

New tools

We can engineer cutting, punching, and drawing tools to help you form sheet metal and steel parts. We design them to integrate seamlessly in your existing machinery. Contact us if you require assistance with the layout of your press.
Our products are synonymous with quality thanks to their long service lives and short setup times.

A selection from our product portfolio:

  • Cutting tools
  • Punching tools/finishing blades (1 stroke)
  • Progressive dies (multiple strokes)
  • Bending and forming tools
  • Compound dies (forming and cutting)
  • Follow-on composite tools (multiple cycles of forming and cutting)

Service: repairs and maintenance

Our service team offers repairs and maintenance. If a tool is not working properly, we will come to your site to troubleshoot and take measurements and then take it with us back to DEMGEN for repair.
If necessary, we will optimize your existing tools by adapting or converting them to increase your productivity. Of course, we will sharpen or grind your tools to ensure that you achieve excellent results long-term.
We round out our service offering with an option to store and stock your fabricated/finished spare parts at DEMGEN to quicken response times.

Contact us now to increase your productivity with grips and tools from DEMGEN!

You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)2304/4939

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