Specimen grips for testing technical textiles

Testing textiles can present an additional challenge—the specimen grips must have a high gripping force but may not damage the specimens.
DEMGEN has developed unique expertise in this area and manufactures hydraulic as well as combination hydraulic-mechanical grips with extra large jaws in order to allow you to test your products with the highest force without damaging the specimens.

It can often be difficult to grip the specimen securely and evenly when testing textile materials. That is why we have developed a special solution using the specimen preparation stand and feed rail that simplifies the workflow.
As a result, you will save time and the tester will benefit from increased safety.

In addition, for testing geotextiles we have developed jaws with special contact surfaces to allow products to be tested optimally.

Single-sided specimen grips for testing textiles:

Double-sided specimen grips for testing textiles:


Designed for testing:

  • Textiles
  • Geotextiles
  • Belts and straps
  • Grid structures


Load reduction curve

What makes this method special is its ability to test textiles such as belts and straps optimally. The gripping areas are loaded and the maximum force is applied to the desired test point. The risk of jaw cracks is greatly reduced and you can achieve optimal and consistent test results.

Steel wires, thin metal sheets, carbon and glass fibers and composites can also be tested with the load reduction curve.

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