Pneumatic grips

Easy operation and a lightweight design make DEMGEN grips ideal for pneumatic applications. Our products are primarily made of aluminum. The performance range lies between 1 kN and 50 kN for metallic and nonmetallic materials, for example for testing paper, plastics, yarn, or straps. Pneumatic grips can be used in clean rooms.

Various combination options

You can choose from tools with single-sided or double-sided grips, with or without synchronization control. We recommend integrating a load reduction curve for testing threads or filaments.

Single-sided pneumatic grips:

  • Suitable for curved specimens
  • Can be gripped eccentrically
  • Integrating a load reduction curve prevents the specimen from tearing in the jaws

Double-sided pneumatic grips:

  • Symmetrical gripping system
  • Also suitable for automated systems with robotic placement

Designed for testing:

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