Material specimens

Milling jig
Tensile specimen
Milling device impact tests
Specimen for notch impact test

When you want standard-compliant specimens for your testing processes

We manufacture blanking tools, jigs, and marking devices for the fabrication of specimens. The production of specimens to DIN or factory standards completes our product line.

Blanking tools, jigs, and marking devices

We design and manufacture tools that help you fabricate specimens in the size and strength you require and mark them accordingly. Of course, we always comply with DIN and factory standards.

Our blanking tools are characterized by extraordinary quality and durability.

We offer milling jigs for manufacturing tensile and notch impact specimens as well as for special shapes. We deliver tried and tested designs that have undergone multiple field tests.

Let us know if you need a customized solution. If so, we will tailor the tool design to fit your space and connections and to handle your system so that you will not need an entire new machine and can save costs.

Marking devices

We offer marking devices for round as well as flat specimens. Long service life and quality are additional benefits

Put quality first and take advantage of our nearly 50 years expertise in tool manufacturing.

Manufacturing specimens to DIN or factory standards

Whether it is to DIN or factory standards, DEMGEN produces specimens according to your requirements. We will offer advice for optimizing your specimens as needed and will implement the changes in our manufacturing process.

Benefit from our many years of experience. We will help you ensure that theoretical values are reached in practice so that you achieve excellent results in the long term.

Contact us to find out how help you with specimen preparation or manufacturing.

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