Tooling for compression and bend testing

3-point bend test kit with fixed bending points
3-point bend test kit with movable bending points
Plates for compression tests, fixed or pendulous

When you want reliable precision

For compression and bend testing, you must position the specimen correctly in order to get the same results when repeating a test. With the appropriate possibility for insertion and lead screw adjusters, our tools can contribute to an increase in repeatability. We use high quality materials in our manufacturing process, which reduces wear on our tups and anvils and makes our products more durable.

Special Features of DEMGEN Tools

Tools for folding tests

DEMGEN tools are also ideal for performing folding tests. Since the force components act outwardly so strongly for this type of test, we make sure that the anvil is very stable.

Robust and warp-resistant design

High forces are always in effect during compression and bend testing. We want you to still be able to test accurately and avoid erroneous values as much as possible. That is why we calculate an optimal ratio of material and material thickness when designing the tool arrangement in order to realize a stable stand and wear resistant arrangement.

Take advantage of our user-friendly tools for compression and bend testing and save time and costs.

Options for adapting the tools

Interchangeable solutions for various test requirements

Do you want to test specimens that vary in material thickness? To do so you will need a different tup for each new specimen, for example one with a larger radius for thicker material specimens. No problem. DEMGEN's interchangeable systems allow you to exchange tups and anvils easily with a few simple steps, saving you time and costs.

Roller bearing elements for minimizing friction

We even have solutions for special requirements for compression and bend testing. For instance, if you would like to reduce friction on the specimen, we can integrate roller bearing supports into the grip.

Coupling elements for function advancement and calibration

We offer special coupling elements for almost all DEMGEN specimen grips.
With this technology, you can couple other applications to our grips, allowing you to mount into an existing system. This allows the tester to dismantle the grip himself without needing the machine technician. Due to this simple function change, you can switch from tensile to flexure testing for example and as a result you will reduce setup time and save costs.

Safety enhancements for increased workplace safety

If a specimen is especially hard or brittle, it may break in the grip during measurement. To minimize the risk of injury for the user, we offer additional safety enhancements, such as a shatter guard or separating safety devices.

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